Confidentiality Undertaking – 30 Under 30 Online Judging Panel
“I agree to act as a judge in the 30 Under 30 Awards programme and undertake the following:

1.       I will declare to Media Isle of Man any conflict of interest arising in respect of any of the entries for this competition prior to taking part in the judging panel for Gef Presents 30 Under 30. This includes conflicts which may arise by virtue of an application being submitted by a commercial competitor of mine or my employer.

2.       I will safeguard the information provided to me in relation to competitor entries whether in paper or electronic format and will take prudent and reasonable steps to ensure that it is not lost, destroyed or accessible to persons other myself; other judges in the 30 Under 30 Campaign. I will not at any time take any copies of any such Nominee entries in any format or medium.

3.       I will not divulge the content of any Nominee entry of which I become aware to any person other than other judges in the 30 Under 30 Awards and I agree that I will not use any such information for any purpose other than judging the entry in the 30 Under 30 Awards.

4.       Upon completing my duties as a judge for the 30 Under 30 Campaign, I will return to Media Isle of Man any documents that have come into my possession during the process, and delete any stored passwords and information from my personal computer, mobile devices or cloud systems”.

Confidentiality Agreement
I agree to the above